Completed Projects

  • CATHEDRAL WINDOW -- Modern Cathedral Windows Quilt Pillow

At Quilt Fest, I took a class on making Cathedral Window quilt by machine. Blogged about herehere, and here.
  • DENIM RAG QUILT -- Denim Rag Quilt

This denim rag quilt was made from old denim cut into 5" squares and matched to red and blue flannel. It has 221 squares and measures 59" x 77". I blogged about it herehere, and here.

  •  WHEEL OF FORTUNE -- Wheel of Fortune Quilt

This is a free paper piecing pattern that can be found here. I modified the pattern for the border to really make the secondary pattern of the stars pop and really happy with how it turned out. I quilted this myself on my Bernina using a walking foot. 

 I blogged about this quilt hereherehere, and here

  • FLOWER PETAL PILLOW - Flower Petal Pillow

This fun pillow is my first finish for the year. It was super easy to make. I followed the tutorial here. Blogged about here.

  • I LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW... -- I Looked Out the Window Quilt, Painting the Roses Red Quilt

This is the first quilt I have ever designed myself, and only the second one I've personally quilted. 
Blogged about herehere and here.

  • PIGS IN A BLANKET SLIPPERS -- Pigs in a Blanket Slippers
I made these cute slippers while at Quilt Fest. The pattern is by The Quilted Fish and can be found here. Blogged about here.

  • ANIMAL PILLOWS -- Animal Pillows

More animal pillows for my nieces and nephew. A purple elephant, gray owl, and blue hippopotamus. The owl is my own designed based on the original pattern found here.
  • HONEY HONEY -- Honey Honey Quilt
    I've chatted with Esther through linky parties. One day, she showed off this amazing pattern she created. I loved it. I commented I would love to be a tester when she was ready, and she remembered me. I've blogged about this project here, here, here, and here

    This paper piecing pattern is super easy to follow and gives lots of options. You can find the pattern here.


  • "MODERN LONESTAR" MINI QUILT -- Modern Lonestar Mini Quilt

Despite my difficulties quilting and my battle skirmish with the binding, I've finally completed this "easy", one block mini quilt.  I'm donating this mini quilt to the mini quilt fundraiser at the Utah Quilt Fest.

The pattern can be found on here.

  • "MY LITTLE PINK DRESS" MINI QUILT -- My Little Pink Dress Mini Quilt -- My Little Pink Dress Mini Quilt

This started as a possible donated mini quilt for the Utah State Quilt Fest, but has morphed into a mini quilt I am going to enter into the Quilt Show in the mini quilt category. 

This pattern is actually an Iris Folding Paper pattern I just adapted to use with fabric. The pattern can be found here. She has many other fun patterns for free. 

This quilt is many firsts for me: First time I did foundation piecing,  did appliqué, did reverse appliqué, did beading, quilted myself, and did a decorative border.

These blocks were done for a Utah Quilt Guild fundraiser called "Save the Boo-Bees." -- Flower Quilt Block

Pattern called 3 Layered Star found at -- Flower Quilt Block

Pattern found called Rosie's Rose found at

  • BASEBALL COACH THANK YOU GIFT -- Baseball Coach Thank You Gift

Found something similar on I tried to trace it back to the original poster, but was unable to. The original post had the baseball made into a cross. 

I made two: one for coach and one for assistant coach.
I took a brand new baseball and cut around the outside of the stitches using an exacto knife. I then soaked it in hot water to work out the stiffness and be able to press flat. I took the "ball" to a game so all the team could sign it with their names and numbers. (The original one had everyone's names all nice and tidy. I wanted the boys' signatures.) I tacked down the ball using wire brads onto a plaque I stained. I purchased authentic team patches (the most expensive part of the project) and glued it on with gorilla glue. 
Plaque: $1.91 each (Hobby Lobby--used coupon)
Stain: $6.71 
Wire Brads: $2.02
Baseballs: $2.91 each
Team Badge: $12.95
Total Cost: $22.14 each

2012 & Before
  • ANIMAL PILLOWS -- Animal Pillows

The Elephant for MK, the Zebra for C, and the Hippo for S.
I bought the pattern from Pine Needles and can be found here.

"Stars of Glory" -- Stars of Glory Quilt

This is a bed sized quilt I made for C. 
It won 1st place Beginner's Category in the Eagle Mountain Quilt Show 2011.
It was accepted at the Springville Museum of Art annual quilt show 2011.
My mom found the pattern for me in a book tittled Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts from Simple Patterns by Judy Martin.

"Barbed Stars" -- Barbed Stars Quilt -- Barbed Stars Quilt

I want to make a bed sized quilt for each child. This one is for S. 
I used the same fabrics here as I did in the quilt for C, just a different pattern.

"Pinwheels" -- Pinwheels Quilt

This is a 60" x 60" quilt I made for MK. The back fabric is minky--a super soft, cuddly fabric.  
I found the pattern in Jelly Roll Inspirations.

"It's Mine!" -- It's Mine! Quilt

After working on quilts for the kids, I decided I needed to have one myself. 
I put cuddly minky on the back. Love it. 
I found the pattern in the book titled Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts.

  • QUILT FOR R -- Previously named "Super Secret Hush-Hush Project"
"Hidden Stars" -- Hidden Stars Quilt -- Hidden Stars Quilt

This was a surprise Christmas present for R. He had NO IDEA! I worked on this while he was at work. It's called "Hidden Stars." I didn't want to have it under the tree because I was afraid he'd guess what it was, so I wrapped the Quilt Label along with a hint on how to find it. He then had to play "Hot-n-Cold" to find it. The back has navy blue minky, so it's super soft. I made it with fabric I already have that was left over from the quilts I made for C and S.

The pattern can be found in the book Jelly Roll Quilts and is called "Log Cabin Hidden Stars."

  • 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS -- 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

I started this LAST year (2011) and finished it for Christmas 2012. 
Saw this on Studio 5. Instructions are here.
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